Our practice takes pride in utilizing the latest in technology to provide better care for our patients.

3D Imaging:  Carestream 8200

Cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) has revolutionized our ability assess cases in 3-D.  The Carestreeam 8200 provides a 75-micron voxel size, which is among the finest on the market , and the limited scanning area greatly reduces the amount of radiation to the patient as well.

For more information about radiation dose of the Carestream 8200, please see the Carestream website .


Laser: Biolase iPlus

The laser is a versatile adjunct to dental care.  From canal disinfection or soft tissue management, the iPlus can assist the doctors in many procedures.  

iPlus Biolase

Sonendo: Gentlewave

Sonendo Gentlewave

Digital Radiography: Carestream 6200

The Carestream 6200 digital imaging sensor provides fast and sharp radiographic images.  With a resolution greater than 20 line-pairs per millimeter and pixel size of 18.5 microns, even the smallest of details may be seen. The benefit to the patient is that radiation exposure is reduced by 1/2 to 1/10 that of conventional film.  Previous studies with fast film showed an absorbed dose of 10-20 uSv , whereas digital radiography has an absorbed dose of about 3 uSv .

_Kodak 6100.JPG

Operating Microscopes: Global Surgical microscopes

Global Microscope

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