Endodontic Surgery Post-Treatment Care

  1. Fotolia_25219107_XS.jpg Return home to rest.
  2. Severe pain is seldom a problem, an analgesic such as Ibuprofen or Tylenol may be required to relieve pain or discomfort.
  3. Apply an ice bag or cold compress to the outside of the face, over the operated area, for fifteen minutes on then fifteen minutes off. Continue these intermittent applications for the first four (4) hours of the first day. This will keep swelling to a minimum.
  4. After twenty-four hours you may gently brush the teeth in the surgical area.
  5. After twenty-four hours, bathe your mouth gently with warm salt water following meals. Please avoid vigorous rinsing.
  6. For the first few days of convalescence, stay on a softer diet to avoid excessive manipulation of the tissues in the surgical area.
  7. Avoid chewing on the operated tooth until the sutures are removed.
  8. Avoid lifting or unnecessarily exercising your lip. It is possible to accidentally tear the sutures, open the incision and delay the healing.
  9. Return to our office for suture removal as directed. PLEASE CALL OUR OFFICE IMMEDIATELY IF THERE ARE ANY COMPLICATIONS
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